The Original Winter Warmer

The original Winter Warmer, old ale is all about the malt. Methuselah is a tribute to the classic English style, which drinks similarly to barleywine in body and balance. Absolutely loaded up with complex English malts, this beer has flavors of caramel, dried fruit, fig, dried cherry, toffee, brown sugar, and toast with hints of red apple and spice. This beer is perfect for cold winter nights by the fire or to sip on with a hearty meal.








UK Floor Malted Pale Malt, ‘Honey Biscuit’, Dark Crystal 75L, CaraAroma, & Roasted Barley




Whitbread Dry

Firefly Hollow Brewing Methuselah Old Ale 2

As a thoroughbred malt lover myself, I personally think this beer is for everyone. It’s full bodied, chewy, super complex, and warming. Enjoy!

The Firefly Hollow Brewing Co. Promise

We started this brewery because we wanted to make great beer. We wanted our beer to bring people together to share an experience regardless of how little or big it may be. From sharing a laugh over a new beer or cracking a beer at the top of a mountain after a fulfilling hike. We promise to always brew our beer to the best of human ability and keep bringing you new styles as well as classic ones.