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The Brewery

The Brewery

Firefly Hollow Brewing Co. isn't just a brewery, it's a culture of creating great beer. It's about sharing a part of who we are with our community and continuing to inspire ourselves and others through hard work and dedication to our craft. We can only hope that our beer brings people together and inspires others to pursue their passions.

The People

The people invested in Firefly are also the people doing the hard work. FIrefly is a small business owned and operated by CT natives. We are proudly owner operated and brewer owned, so we have the freedom to make the right choices for our employees, business, and beer.

Firefly Hollow Brewing NEIPA

Dana Bourque

Head Brewer & Co-Owner -- Liquid Wizard, Scholar, Level Headed

Dana began brewing at home in 2007, and was inspired by the traditional European Brewing practices he encountered on a trip to Ireland & Belgium shortly after. At the time Firefly was naught but a glimmer and hope, but through hard work and furthered Education, Dana partnered with Rich Loomis to launch Firefly Hollow in 2013.

Firefly Hollow Brewing Cleaning Barrels

Justin Dawley

"Number One" -- Cereal Alchemist, Stoic, Demolitions Expert

I lied about that last part...but Justin is a literal Alchemist. He does most of the actual hands on brewing here and turns water and grain into beer several times per week. Justin has been a valued member of our team since early 2015, and is also formally trained through the American Brewers Guild Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering Program. There's nothing this guy can't do.

“I dream of a crisp, clean Pilsner served in a tall tapered glass.  It’s color bright and yellow.   Like a stained glass, it catches and reflects highlights of straw and gold.  The nose is crackery and gently grainy with hints of black pepper and herbs.  The flavor is bright, crisp, and refreshing.  It’s body present without being overtly full, and the finish dry and refreshing.  To me, beer is an experience.  It’s a journey through your tastebuds and a connection to those who came before us.  Beer is a way to share experiences with those who are both like and unlike us.  It’s a great unifier…  At least that’s how I look at it, and I’d like you to join us on this exploration.”

Firefly Hollow Brewing Beer Brewing

Hand Crafted Beer

Our beer is brewed with care and attention by the people invested in the success of the brewery. Dana is not only the head brewer but one of the owners; his finger on the pulse of how the beer is made and how it comes out every single time. Firefly also employs the very skilled and dedicated Justin Dawley, who also holds a formal education in Brewing Science & Engineering. At every level, Firefly has invested in the beer being in the right hands.

Firefly Hollow Brewing Head Brewer

Real Ingredients

We care about flavor, therefore it's a top priority to not only use real ingredients, but to find the ingredients that taste the best. Firefly uses only the highest quality European malts and barley, freshest hops, and brightest fruits and spices.

Firefly Hollow Brewing Spent Grains

Technique & Tradition

We are passionate about all beers, new and old. Coming from a background in traditional brewing we understand how beer has been brewed for hundreds of years. We use that knowledge as a foundation for our own innovative brewing practices, rooting new age beer styles in the concepts of balance and consistency.

Firefly Hollow Brewing Beer Brewing2

Core Philosophies

Our commitment is simple.  We strive to bring you a reliable and delicious beer with every Firefly Hollow experience.  Our beers are made with integrity and always use fresh and real ingredients.  They’re free of flavorings, unnecessary adjuncts, and fake ingredients that have no place in a quality product.
Firefly Hollow is run by a passionate group of people who idolize beer quality above all else, and we think you’ll be able to taste the difference.  Don’t know what to buy?  We’ve got you with a huge variety of styles that will be satisfying every time.
Our mission is to offer you a part of who we are, while supporting our community and the good folks who make our work possible.  We strive to make the world a better place through the work that we do and the beer we brew.

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We are a brewery based in Bristol, CT and distribute our delicious craft brews to liquor stores all around Connecticut. Cheers!

Taproom Hours

Monday: 4-9pm
Wed & Thurs: 2-9pm
Friday: 2-10pm
Saturday: 12-10pm
Sunday: 12-7pm