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FOOD – Heavenly Smoke BBQ

BEER RELEASE – Tart Ale Raspberry Lemonade

The perfect balance of crisp acidity, fresh lemon zest and a punch of raspberry puree. This tart and tangy brew is built for the hot New England Summer. Raspberry Lemonade is part of our tart ale series, where we strive to marry fresh, seasonal flavors with a gentle kiss of bright and tangy lactic acid.

BEER RELEASE – Artistry 3 – Hazy Double IPA

This is our line of IPA’s that showcases artwork from talented local artists. This iteration features a heavy blast of Vic’s Secret, a super intense Australian hop varietal known for heavy hop impressions of pineapple, lime, and resin. Paired with Citra hops, this bold Double Hazy IPA is potent and tropical.

Beer Train

The beer industry is a place of great flux and change these days, so we've been working very hard to keep our brand and our beers both looking and tasting fresh. As many of our long time customers know, we are driven by classic styles, traditional beer brewing, and balanced, well thought out flavor combinations. That said, the craft beer world and it's denizens demand excitement! They demand ingenuity, intensity, and intrigue! One of the most interesting challenges for a traditional brewer is how to balance the constant demand for new, intense, and wild flavors with our foundational sensibilities. With......

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IPA Life

We’ve been talking a lot lately about adding some fresh, new IPAs to our lineup.  I know for many of you, that’s exciting news, so I’m here to tell you a little about what we’re thinking.  I don’t think we’re alone here in loving citra hops. This legendary hop variety has been the backbone of...

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A Small Batch Story

As a brewer, one of our favorite things to do here at Firefly is to have a brew with our co-workers and brainstorm new beer ideas for the production portfolio. I know, it doesn’t sound sexy when I put it that way, but it’s true. A huge part of our job is simply to come...

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We are a brewery based in Bristol, CT and distribute our delicious craft brews to liquor stores all around Connecticut. Cheers!

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