The beer industry is a place of great flux and change these days, so we’ve been working very hard to keep our brand and our beers both looking and tasting fresh. As many of our long time customers know, we are driven by classic styles, traditional beer brewing, and balanced, well thought out flavor combinations. That said, the craft beer world and it’s denizens demand excitement! They demand ingenuity, intensity, and intrigue! One of the most interesting challenges for a traditional brewer is how to balance the constant demand for new, intense, and wild flavors with our foundational sensibilities. With that pretext, I’d like to share some of what we’ve been working on!

In the beer world, Summer time is synonymous with crisp, refreshing, bright, and easy drinking beer profiles. That’s not the case for everyone, I know, but for the majority of us the Barrel Aged Russian Imperials mostly go dormant during the hot months. At Firefly, Summer beer means two things: Crisp Lagers, and Tangy Acidity. We have three new Summer offerings we are very excited for.

CAP, or Classic American Pilsner, is our newest Summer Crusher. This light bodied and easy drinking lager comes in at 4.6% alc/vol. It’s erected of high quality European lager malt and just a kiss of peppery and herbaceous Mt. Hood hops. The malt is gently grainy with subtle impressions of sweet honey and maize. If you’re like me and prefer your beer by the liter, this is your drink of choice.

We’re also launching a new Tart Ale series. This is our avenue to explore more delicate levels of acidity and to strive for balance between fresh seasonal ingredients. The first in the lineup is Salted Lime. This beer is made with a ridiculous amount of freshly zested limes by our own staff and a substantial addition of salt to round out the flavor. If you’re into Gose, this brew is definitely up your alley. Gently tangy, bright with lime, and rounded with salt. Keep an eye out for more seasonal variations and flavors!

We’re saving the exciting stuff for last. If you’re the type searching for intensity, and you enjoy heavily fruited sours, then Lust Sour IPA is for you. This new addition to our lineup features a rotating line of intensely flavored tropical or seasonal fruit additions on top of robust acidity and intense dry hopped flavors. This beer is no joke and will definitely keep your taste buds from getting bored. The first in the lineup was brewed with a ton of Passionfruit Puree and dry hopped with a generous dose of Citra hops. It’s bright, tangy, fruity, and unforgettable. Next up – Pineapple Lust!

That’s what is happening at Firefly Hollow! As always we hope you’re as excited to taste these new beers as we are to make them! Stay well everyone!

Beer Brewer's Journal