As a brewer, one of our favorite things to do here at Firefly is to have a brew with our co-workers and brainstorm new beer ideas for the production portfolio. I know, it doesn’t sound sexy when I put it that way, but it’s true. A huge part of our job is simply to come up with great new concepts for the beer lineup and curate the list of year round, seasonal, and limited offerings to keep the brand new and exciting, relevant and delicious. At these beer fueled round tables, we have all kinds of ideas. Some are great, some are awful, and others are hilarious.

What’s always bothered me, though, is the sheer number of great beer concepts that get thought up, but for one reason or another don’t make it to production.

Some of these beers may be too pricey or take too long to make, or they might just not be the “best” choice for our lineup. That said, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the great ideas that never got made, and I’ve decided it’s time to bring them to life. In 2021 we’re going to launch a new, small batch line at Firefly. This will be a limited, small batch series that gives a home to all these misfit concepts I’ve been talking about. That Blackberry Cream Stout I dreamt up the other day? The Honey Belgian Tripel? Dry hopped saison with lemon zest and rosemary? The damn Creamsicle beer we can’t stop bringing up? Can I please finally make a traditional Bock?

Yeah, we’re gonna make it happen, all of it.

So keep your eyes peeled in 2021 for some great new and unexpected beers from us here at Firefly, and keep your livers lubricated with plenty of H2O in the meantime.

Beer Brewer's Journal