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From Tradition to Modern

While inspired by traditional beer styles and techniques, we also push the envelope with innovative beer styles for the modern drinker.  Our commitment to quality and balance  ensures every beer we produce is perfectly crafted no matter how ambitious the concept. Our goal is to make the best possible beer every single time, with variety enough for every Craft Beer Drinker.

Firefly Hollow Brewing DIPA

Our flagship Double IPA is a classic go to that is crisp and delicious.

Firefly Hollow Brewing Red Ale Can

A traditional Irish Style Red Ale is always a great choice, regardless of what’s going on.

Firefly Hollow Brewing Creamer Ale

The Creamer series is a year long flavor journey that follows the seasons.

The Beginning

The spark of inspiration that eventually led to the Firefly Hollow Brewing Co. can be traced all the way back to the year of 2008 when Dana Bourque traveled to Ireland and Belgium to explore the beers of Europe. After this trip he began a robust self-driven education into the traditional beers of Europe and beyond. It’s this root in tradition and proper brewing practices that drives constant quality and perfection with every beer.

Gluten Removed

We brew all our beer to be gluten removed. What’s this mean for you? If you have a sensitivity to gluten this may be more gentle on your system. If you have severe sensitivity or celiac we recommend you still avoid drinking beer that is brewed with barley and wheat.

Fun fact: Hops are technically a flower.

  1. Handcrafted

    Our beer is brewed with care and attention by the people invested in the success of the brewery. Dana is not only the head brewer but one of the owners; his finger on the pulse of how the beer is made and how it comes out every single time. Firefly also employs the very skilled and dedicated Justin Dawley, who also holds a formal education in Brewing Science & Engineering. At every level, Firefly has invested in the beer being in the right hands.

  2. Real Ingredients

    We care about flavor, therefore it's a top priority to not only use real ingredients, but to find the ingredients that taste the best. Firefly uses only the highest quality European malts and barley, freshest hops, and brightest fruits and spices.

  3. Technique & Tradition

    We are passionate about all beers, new and old. Coming from a background in traditional brewing we understand how beer has been brewed for hundreds of years. We use that knowledge as a foundation for our own innovative brewing practices, rooting new age beer styles in the concepts of balance and consistency.

Firefly Hollow Brewing Hops
Firefly Hollow Brewing Cleaning Barrels

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We are a brewery based in Bristol, CT and distribute our delicious craft brews to liquor stores all around Connecticut. Cheers!

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